Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Tech on the Block

The team have been hard at work throughout the summer trying to integrate the new server and storage into the network as smoothly as possible. This has left me with some time to get to grips with some new tech that may be of some value to us.

The first is a free App / Programme that has proved popular in recent months as it genuinely helps you to get more out of Twitter. Tweetdeck allows you to draw together all (well most) things of a Social Networking nature and is a great tool for managing Twitter feeds and accounts.

The big hardware release of the summer is the new Kindle 3. It is unbelievably small and light and great to read. If, like me, you find the glare of an IPad screen less of a joy after a while then this device may be for you. Forget browsing on it and focus on carrying 3000+ books for a price of £149 (£109 without the free 3G) and you have an affordable tool that has some real benefits when it comes to academic use.