Monday, 15 March 2010

Who Needs Information

We are about to travel in another new direction for us, particularly in terms of the way we share information within school. We have recently signed a new agreement with the Life Channel to provide content for our internal screens. As a part of this process we will also be adding LCD screens into Reception and the Dining Hall. Having screens in school to provide information is not new, but we are looking to ‘up the ante’ a little by primarily using high quality professionally produced content to effectively create our own internal television channel.

The Life Channel offers us the opportunity to access thousands of high quality programmes made especially for education. We can use that content to support initiatives in school such as anti-bullying week and healthy eating as well as show our own content. The timing of this project also fits nicely with the recent films we have made with the help of the BBC and Julian Richards, all of which will feature at our launch after Easter.

There is an argument that adopting this system will add a ‘vibrancy’ or a ‘buzz’ to the areas where screens are located. This is nice, but is not enough to justify our commitment to the project. This system will offer a high-quality platform for the content we produce in school. The planning and creation of media for the system is an excellent educational opportunity for our pupils. It is also important that the way we communicate some concepts and issues to all members of our community is of sufficient quality to ensure that people actually engage with it. Working with a professional production company will ensure that we are able to have the kind of production quality that convinces people that the issues are worth taking on board.

…and there are no adverts!