Tuesday, 1 December 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet

Well, it has been a while since we have posted from the depths of the Tech Dungeon. We have our reasons; the wireless network now appears to be working after what can be described as a 'difficult birth'. We are in the process of testing our netbooks on the network and that now seems to be progressing well. We are working on public access to our broadband connection, but need to be sure that our connection works seamlessly with our firewall and proxy server. So there has been a little to do and we have been busy trying to make things work properly.

To the theme for this month then. The clue is in the obvious title; should Rodborough School tweet? Tweeting is by it's nature short, immediate, to the point and, largely superficial. Or...well one of the criticisms of secondary schools is the lack of day to say communication. This is a fair point, but one that is not easy to solve. We do not have the same daily contact with parents or the the 'playground' culture that can be found in many primary schools. Perhaps a tool such as Twitter will allow us to distribute information that is considered 'low level' and 'low grade' but is, none the less, part of the fabric of any community. We'll give it a go and see if it works.